what to say when a guy says what's up

In order to get some answers we talked to dating expert Mat Boggs and asked him to share with us how to tell if a guy likes you—we’re talking about the small things a guy does and signs he gives that he’s really into you. When he says he is thinking about you, it means he wants to see you again, among many other things of … I had a guy that would say this everytime! Say, "I understand." Then he will wait to hear what you say when you talk about this certain guy friend. I need a good answer. If he’s asking what venue your group of friends are going next, what he really means to say is “let’s make sure we catch up again after this”. so you just say whatsup. “You don’t look chubby.” Of course he doesn’t think you look fat. Here are 15 things guys say and what they really mean: As much as you deserve an explanation, you will likely never get it. People who have just gone through a […] Don’t say something awkward like “thank you”. I have to say, I agree with user B0000000BS. like.. "the sky".. it just pisses me off. With a few interesting sweet nothings, your relationship with your guy will bond stronger, and make him feel special and loved. Show them that you care and that there are people that still love them, even though they might feel like there aren’t. "Don't be sorry for yourself." What to Say When You Want to Break Up Gracefully. Regardless of why a guy doesn't answer you, when he doesn't say anything, that should say everything. The real question comes from figuring out why […] What to say when someone says, "What's up?"? We have all learned the hard way that no guy just wants to snuggle up with you; there is always an ulterior motive. 0 0. To shorten it up: He wants to know if he has any competition at hand with this friend of your. I never know what to say besides "nothing much" or something dumb like that... suggestions? Used to agree with something, To say you like something, When you don't know what else to say, and when you don't know how to answer a text. So listen up, ladies. Use these 8 tips on what to say to a guy you like, and chances are, he’ll start to like you a lot more and start to think of you as more than a friend in no time. 0 0. On a Sunday night. But we never back away and see what something is for it's face value. Tina. What he means to say is that he wants you to think he doesn’t care so he can still be seen as a man. What should I say when someone says, “suck my dick” in front of a bunch of people. And it was nonsense. When a man comes to you and he says “I need some space”, your most important response is to say “Ok, I understand.” Now, we can go further and add more words to this, but the essence of it is that you are communicating from a resourceful and mature place. So you are looking for Things to Say to Boost Your Boyfriend Confidence, but you should be careful about things that would make him down instead. 5 years ago. Anonymous. As a guy, I would NEVER, ever, ever call up another guy (or woman) friend, text him, or even dare mention to him, "I was thinking about you and just decided to tell you." Most people tell white lies to protect another person's feelings. Hackers don’t take well to being asked meaningless questions to which honest answers are not just unexpected, but expected not to be given. Any sign that shows he’s hoping to be in the same room as you … Avoid these things to say to your boyfriend when he's depressed: "Someone else having it harder than you." A client of mine had met a great new guy. I want the kind of guy that can touch me in a certain way and I feel tingles all over my body. Sumin, Malaysia. If your partner cheats on you, you have a perfect excuse and no need to justify your decision to end things. Not only was this text completely pointless, but it also woke me up at 4 in the morning. I explained that it kind of made me feel as if I was performing some customer service or something, and he laughed. I wake up and you play on my mind and this is how my day goes by. thats wats good. If this is a super busy guy you have been on two dates with then this text means the guy is trying to fit you into his life by any means necessary. The Reasons. You’ll just end up … Both men and women will try to say a lot to convince someone to stay interested. Not really; I always say not much what's up with you? On top of being really annoying, it isn’t true. Here are some cute things to say to your boyfriend. Most of my friends would say ‘not down’. “I miss you.” So, the next time you're theorizing how to know if a guy likes you, follow these breadcrumbs leading you to the light of love.. "Well, life is never fair anyway." A guy’s FIRST text to me was at 4 in the morning. By the time we reach our mid-20s, most of us guys have made up our minds as to what exactly we want, long-term. When a guy says “I love you” to you, we tend to think that it just means what it says. She also says she has many guy friends (she works in a male dominated industry) and that I’m the first one who has ever refused to be friends with her. When he asks he will wait to see how you react to it with your body language. The guy that’s really missing you will be super concerned about what you are up to, whether he’s straight-up about it or nonchalant. Meaningless texts that say nothing are a waste of everyone’s time and make you seem like you’re not very interesting. Just an emoji next to a random letter. Below is a list of 11 things men say to women when they're interested in them big time. 1. If a guy doesn’t want to ever get married, he probably doesn’t ever want to get married; if he says he doesn’t want kids, he probably never wants kids. Before placing my head on the pillow, I think of you and afterwards I dream about you. aha. 1 decade ago. Take a second to think before you speak and you won’t regret it. When a man says he doesn't want to be in a relationship, the first thing to say is, "I understand." #1 Wait for his lines. If this man didn’t care, he wouldn’t ask. Because when he says it with other people around, a.k.a witnesses, it’s a lot harder to take it back. It confuses and annoys us. Guys feel like they shouldn’t care, so they say they don’t. ... That's why, if your partner says any of the things listed below, experts say it may be time to move on. When a guy stares at you, he's into you . Never Say This To A Man Unless You Want To Lose Him By Carol Allen Let me tell you a sad, but all-too common, story. Sometimes, we get so swept up in the idea of somebody, or fantasizing about what CAN be, we ignore what a man really says or how he feels. Sometimes when we’re caught off guard we blurt something out just to fill the silence. He told me he was just 1) trying to think of something nice to say 2) trying to compliment me 3) trying to … Celebrity gossip is okay but reaching out to get a guy’s attention by either making up something or spreading gossip is not a good look. He’d been treating her really well – going out of his way to help her with a big business drama […] its funny looking back now but back then it was sooo awkward. Hey Sumin, When someone makes a comment like that in front of a bunch of people, you want to come up with a witty answer quickly. But a couple seconds of silence is better than having to backtrack after saying the wrong thing. The best thing to do is put the spotlight back on the person who asked the question. Never Say These Things To Him. After all, you don't want to tell your friend Laura that another friend said that she has a big honker of a nose. as for if its a girl say, hey gal what u up to or something to make her feel special. When you’re dating a guy and he says he just wants to cuddle, all of your warning signs go up, and for good reason. Or he just wants an excuse to get your number before you leave. when people say cheesy things to what's up I'm unimpressed lol. When you start talking to the guy you like, don’t try too hard to make him feel comfortable with you. This is the biggest lie ever! If you've been on a few dates then breaking up via text is not the end of the world but for a relationship that's just chicken sh*t. —/u/ Vernoz. This is a key response when a man says he isn't ready to commit. In some ways, it's easier to break up with someone if the person has done something awful to you. #2. As their biggest supporter, try to cheer them up a bit. gahh.. be careful. He just wants to know what you are up to, and this is an opportunity for him to slip back into your life. He will end up making himself look like a fool, not only to you, but to the people that he had said it in front of. Answer Save. We don’t work together, but we do have some common work interests and she says that it would be mutually beneficial to be friends, though that sounded like an excuse when she said it. well if its a guy say whats up my man, or something to keep him on the tip of his chair. The phrase 'what's up' may be used when a guy is bored, has nothing else to say, or just wants to start a conversation since you're the only person with them and things are looking awkward. Watch the video to learn the things guys do when they totally adore you. Sometimes, let’s admit it, it’s hard to know what’s going on in a guy’s mind. what do you say Question Posted Friday August 17 2007, 10:12 pm okay, about a month ago a guy i liked asked me "whats up" and i was like "nothing" and then i said "whats up" and he said "nothing" LOL. Maybe you just don't mention it or tell Laura that people think her nose is fine, really it is the kind thing to do. #10 Asking why he hasn’t responded. WHEN A WOMAN SAYS: “I want a guy who’s a good communicator.” WHAT SHE REALLY MEANS IS… “I want a guy who doesn’t talk all the time, because he knows how to let me know what’s on his mind without using words. If Your Partner Ever Says These 11 Things, You Should Break Up. 18 Answers ... they don't really want to know what's up. Don't be too alarmed when a guy looks at you and your beauty for lengths of time like he wants to eat your intestines, sometimes, that's just his everyday face. "Whenever my girlfriend says this, I know whatever's coming next is going to be interesting, to say the least," says Aaron, 28. – tchrist ♦ Feb 26 '12 at 18:44 And other times, they are just straight up full of cr*p and will lie straight to your face. Related Articles. After a break-up, a good friend must know what to say to console their buddy.

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