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iconSize: [26, 26], "use strict" addMapItem(true, 'SCAV Extract', translated_extracts_name, "") "Rescue Op" (flashback) - On top of a seat in a bus at the trailer park. border-bottom-left-radius: 4px; line-height: 26px; Escape from Tarkov Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. var $hiddenContent = $('

').html(data.parse.text['*']).hide() Customs: Taking place in an industrial part of Tarkov, Customs features a … display: none; for (var i in translationData) { left: 5%; display: inline-block; 1 Description 2 Objectives 3 Completion 4 Rewards 5 Note 6 Gallery 7 Patch Changes "What you have discovered in the village is very interesting, it looks like some kind of occult sect. Portable cabin key of customs Factory zone (Key)는 Escape from Tarkov의 열쇠 중 하나입니다. background-repeat: no-repeat; map_column = 6 function addMapItem(skipAddingNewFilterOption, layerName, filterName, filterImageURL){ Pokud nám chceš pomoct, tak se připoj k nám na Discord. languageDict = "EN" break } 1 Description 2 … 세관(Customs)은 Escape from Tarkov의 지역 중 하나 입니다. } var leafletMapItem = { What was once a bustling city, is now roamed … Josephine Tarkov is a Markovian customs official. // ----------------------------------------- languageDict = "FR" iconAnchor: [13, 13], var interactiveMapIconNames = {} In the compartment of the small cabinet in Room 215 of the 3-Story Dorms. Customs office key (Customs key)는 Escape from Tarkov 의 열쇠 아이템 중 하나입니다. I've heard rumors before that there is some group actively spreading the news of approaching cataclysm and that kind of hysteria. leafletMapItem.leafletLayerGroup = leafletMapItems[filterName].leafletLayerGroup content: 'Use SHIFT + mouse wheel to zoom the map \a Use CTRL + click to get coordinates'; for (var key in interactiveMapIconNames){ switch(currentLangDomain) { Unlocks the storage room of the gas station. background-color: #fff; Inside of the brown jacket with white stripes in room 205 of the 3-Story Dorms. tooltipAnchor: [0, 0], $hiddenContent.remove() Or a link to a thread? border-bottom-right-radius: 4px; languageCode = 0 .leaflet-bar button:first-of-type { } display: inline-block; Filing Cabinet 2. addMapItem(true, 'PMC Extract', translated_extracts_name, "") Unlocks the Military base checkpoint on the main road at the boiler tanks area. } break The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created … popupAnchor: [0, -7], Unlocks the Dorm room 203 in the 3-Story Dorms. success: function(data) { 13 December 2019: Raid time increased to 50 Minutes during the. Unlocks the doors to a office building that connects the main road to the freight yard, also unlocks the grate door to the EXFIL ZB-013. position: absolute; border-bottom: none; //console.log(leafletMapItems) Show All Hide All. The Compass is used to orientate in the field by the use of cardinal directions. url: '|​links&page=Interactive_Map_Translation_Table&origin=*', Unlocks the Construction site container at the Bus depot, Unlocks a Construction site container located at the construction site. var current_map = "customs" } Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. On a key rack inside the Guard desk office of the 2-story dormitory. On the desk in room 303 in the 3-story Customs doorms. This page was last edited on 4 June 2020, at 17:54. } background-color: #f4f4f4; Cache 23. overflow: hidden; .leaflet-bar button:last-of-type { 해당 지역은 게임에서 처음 추가된 지역입니다. contentType: 'application/json charset=utf-8', .leaflet-touch .leaflet-bar button { Unlocks the Dorm room 314 in the 3-Story Dorms. Unlocks two rooms in a factory building at the boiler tanks area. Tarkov was a male Wookiee who lived on the planet of Kashyyyk. Customs; Factory; The Lab # Jugador E/M Exp Niv Ratio de supervivencia Incursiones Tiempo de juego; Nivel mínimo de jugador requerido: 10 . There are currently 201 quests in Escape from Tarkov. } Some require you to pick stuff up for certain traders, while others require you to kill other operators or mark vehicles and specific places. Contains Ads. //----DONT TOUCH ME. height: 26px; // Basically for more "special" things that don't appear on all maps width: 100%; The second room is a mandatory quest location for the quests Delivery from the past and Farming - Part 3 //----- TRANSLATION TABLE AND STUFF HERE leafletLayerName: layerName, Most keys can be used unlimited times. mapBackground = "" var filterCheckboxFormat = " " + layerName + "" Laying on top of a chair in the construction site container, that is on the hill to the north of the Customs gas station. var currentLangDomain = window.location.hostname Reshala resides at one of three different locations, at the dormitory building complex, at the gas-station or the warehouse at the northern end. return console.log('no HTML') Key Tool Quest Tool. Escape From Tarkov Interactive Map. } addMapItem(true, 'Checking Quest', translated_quests_name, "") languageCode = 1 Unlocks the office, located on the 2nd floor in the red Customs warehouse. case 'customs': Note: We're working on updating the Customs map for 0.12.7! languageCode = 0 In the blue jacket laying in the trunk of the car parked at the Military Checkpoint. 763. Unlocks the guard desk office in the 2-Story Dorms, Unlocks the Dorm room 103 in the 3-Story Dorms, Unlocks the Dorm room 104 in the 2-Story Dorms, Unlocks the Dorm room 105 in the 2-Story Dorms, Unlocks the Dorm room 108 in the 3-Story Dorms, Unlocks the Dorm room 110 in the 2-Story Dorms, Unlocks the Dorm room 114 in the 2-Story Dorms, Unlocks the Dorm room 118 in the 3-Story Dorms. var mapBackground = "" font-size: 30px; He is accompanied by four bodyguards that are equipped with a variety of level 2 to 5 armor and assault rifles or assault carbines. interactiveMapIconNames[translationData[i][0]] = translationData[i][languageCode] font-family: "Arial Black", Gadget, sans-serif; addMapItem(true, 'BP Depot Quest', translated_quests_name, "") Customs terminal. .easy-button-button .button-state{ var MapIcon = L.Icon.extend({ case '': if (translationData[i][map_column] == 'x'){ white-space: pre; Ground cache is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov. Unlocks the Construction site container at the freight yard. languageDict = "RU" z-index: 999; }. 399k members in the EscapefromTarkov community. return $(this).text().replace(/\n/g, '').trim() break var html = data.parse.text['*'] Loot. display: inline-block; translated_quests_name = translationData[i][languageCode] addMapItem(false, interactiveMapIconNames[key], '', interactiveMapIconImages[i]) } In the hand of a Dead Scav in the bathroom of the 2-Story Dorms. filterLayers[leafletMapItems[layerName].leafletFilterCheckbox] = leafletMapItems[layerName].leafletLayerGroup Une large zone du parc industriel adjacente à l'Usine. } 54 votes, 13 comments. At some point before July 29, 2018, Josephine Tarkov handled the arrival of Quraci refugee Gabrielle Daou. // Section for map specifics. var bounds = [] Customs is a location in Escape from Tarkov. -webkit-text-stroke-color: black; var languageCode = 0 Flash drives, scav snipers, quest related 1 Description 2 Features 3 Usable Keys 3.1 Table Legend 4 Boss 5 Extractions 6 Maps 7 Gallery A large area of industrial park land situated adjacent to the factory. break Customs is a raid in the center of Tarkov that is adjacent to Woods, Reserve and Shoreline access is via roads or train tracks. i = i + 1 error: function(error) { if (translationData[i][0] == 'Quest Related'){ width: 100%; languageDict = "KO" leafletMapItems[layerName] = leafletMapItem border-top-left-radius: 4px; 17 January 2020: Raid time from 50 minutes set to 45 minutes. case '': Fixed position and trajectory of the sun. Nous nous occupons actuellement de 5963 pages (2447 articles). if (i == 0) { } } .map-scroll:before { In a blue locker inside a factory building at the boiler tanks area. The Dalniy-2 customs terminal, operated by TerraGroup through subcontract, was a home to Tarcone logistics company office, and its storage grounds were once full of various TerraGroup equipment, as well as construction materials of Tarkov Infraline development company. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Click for a fullscreen view. color: black; continue background-position: 50% 50%; He grabbed his son and retreated up to a nearby tree. On the bottom row of a blue locker in a factory building at the boiler tanks. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. case 'woods': if (!html) { Portable cabin key of customs Factory zone, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Unlocks the manager's office of the gas station. A large area of industrial park land situated adjacent to the factory. break text-decoration: none; }).get() Please head over to We are currently editing over 1,818 articles since 14th … return new Array($('td', this).map(function() { Zároveň tě upozorňujeme, že se jedná o komunitní překlad, takže pokud najdeš chybu, tak nám ji můžeš nahlásit na Discord, případně jí můžeš opravit sám. Set in the fictional Norvinsk region located on the frontier between Russia and Europe, the metropolis of Tarkov was plunged into anarchy thanks to the Contract Wars. leafletMapItems[layerName] = leafletMapItem } -webkit-text-stroke-width: 2px; border: none; }, // End of success function AJAX Escape from Tarkov Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. On the passenger seat of the Tigr next to the construction site. var translated_quests_name = '' } .leaflet-bar button.disabled { On top of the table in Dorm room 220 of the 3-story dorms. In the back of a ambulance that is parked at the gas station. case '': Cette zone comprend un terminal douanier, des installations destinées au stockage des carburants, des bureaux, des dortoirs ainsi qu'une variété d'autres infrastructures. return console.log(error) Customs is one of the first maps EVERY Tarkov needs to know. .leaflet-bar button:hover { This item is an objective for the task Golden swag. It is the second ever released raid after Factory that is located between Customs and Woods, during the development it was gradually expanded and further EXFIL's added. It is the second location that was added to the game. height: 30px; Unlocks the Dorm room 206 in the 2-Story Dorms. NehalemX Books & Reference. Customs is also home to the Scav Boss Reshala that can sometimes be found at the dormitory, the gas station or in a warehouse.

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